COVID-19 (CoronAvirus) update

We are taking additional safety measures at Trey Brown Endodontics to protect our patients and community members. We continue to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect treatment rooms between patients and heat sterilize (autoclave) instruments. We follow strict universal precautions in all aspects of infection control. In our patient lounge area and all other areas of our building we are spraying Lysol and wiping down counter tops, tables, chairs, door knobs, pens, computers, etc. with industrial disinfectants. Ultraviolet chambers are being used to sanitize items that cannot be cleaned otherwise, or to supplement traditional methods.

We are asking our patients who have traveled domestically or outside of US to please reschedule their visits after the two week waiting period has passed. Any employee who has any symptoms of illness will not be permitted on site. If you feel you may be ill we ask that you contact our office to discuss your treatment.

During this period of uncertainty will be seeing only true dental emergencies. This may mean we must correspond with your general dentist to confirm that your symptoms warrant immediate treatment. If we find that your symptoms are not such then you will likely be rescheduled to a date after any government-mandated waiting period is over. Also, we may be subject to immediate closure if CDC or government regulations change.

We are making sure we are compliant with Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), State of Texas and Federal Government recommendations concerning emergency dental treatment. These recommendations have changed since the inception of this crisis and likely will continue to evolve. By this office treating true dental emergencies by our trained staff and a trained dental specialist we can ease the burden on hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities that are already overwhelmed with not only typical visits but those associated with this crisis. We are acutely aware of the situation of continuing to operate our business and feel we have the obligation to do our part.

We will be allowing only 1 patient at a time in the treatment area and we are making every effort to have only 1 patient in the building at any given time. We also ask that you come alone to your appointment. If you must have someone with you we ask that that person wait in the vehicle during your visit.

We care for our patients and want to serve you in the safest way possible. We are making every effort to protect our patients, staff and families. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in these troubling times.